A home is among the most significant investments in a person’s life. A good understanding of the entire process can make it smoother. A real estate agent can be helpful and assist in making the right decision. Scottsdale, Arizona, is an excellent option for starting a life with abundant attractions and outdoor activities. 

Scottsdale waterfront has several housing options ranging from townhouses, and condos, to single-family homes. The 13-story residences at the waterfront consist of 196 units. The access to top amenities like shops, boutiques, restaurants, etc., makes it an ideal choice. 

Reasons to Move to Scottsdale 

One can expect to buy a 1500 sq ft home for around $ 749 000 on the Scottsdale waterfront. Apart from the wide range of pricing options and locations like Fleetwood 6, Southwest Village, and Hidden Village, there are other reasons for shifting


Apart from being a popular spot for older adults, one can expect individuals from the GenX and millennials groups. The schools in the district have consistently ranked top. 

Another reason why families don’t need to bother about their children’s education is the proximity to Arizona State University. There are plenty of activities related to arts and culture that can be appealing to families. 

Business Opportunities 

The Scottsdale airport has been crucial in defining the status of business opportunities. It is among the busiest single airports in the U.S. and has many people flying for commerce activities. With fields like technology, research, education, and entrepreneurship rising, the future looks bright. 


From 24-hour security to valet parking, there is nothing one would miss at the waterfront residences. One can get a heated rooftop pool and spa for relaxing. 

An array of private massage rooms and guest suites are available for your service. Excellent dining options will ensure your appetite gets the correct dose. The glamorous community has some of the finest amenities possible.

Outdoor Environment

Many people are unaware that Scottsdale has a waterfront, but it is among the primary drawing points. The Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt near Scottsdale is a famous real estate market. 

It is a flood project that turned into an excellent greenspace. The parks and recreation benefit both children and adults. The outside environment is perfect for quality living. 

How to Buy a Home Effectively With a Realtor

Real estate agents assist in buying, selling, and renting properties. There can be tremendous benefits in buying a home with the help of a realtor considering the vast amount of experience that comes with them. 

  • The administrative duties of the agent include answering phone calls and replying to emails. They will take complete care of scheduling appointments and showings. You no longer have to worry about the property listing and drafting documents. 
  • Next comes the research part, and here also, the agents offer their top game regarding real estate market analysis. They know about the latest market trends and offer the best advice. The agent will search the available listings to find the required properties. 
  • The agents also handle the marketing segment and create and distribute the promotional materials. They will take care of the online presence and run advertising campaigns in the client’s best interest. 

The Scottsdale home prices increased by 27.6 % compared to 2021, and the housing market has a lot to offer. The waterfront is located at the heart of Scottsdale and has some of the best homes available. 

Take your time to prepare and make the best choice possible. You can reach out to a local agent for proper assistance. Review your financial situation and get started with your home buying journey.