Cancer is a deadly outbreak of cancerous cells in the body that impairs the healthy cells and makes the body weak and unable to prevent the infestation of these deadly cells. Cancer cells spread rapidly in the human body and are seldom diagnosed at the very earliest outbreak.

It takes time for the disease to show up on blood tests and scans and therefore makes it that much harder to diagnose at the earliest. Being in touch with one’s own health and getting periodical checked at Ahmedabad cancer hospital or any other hospital at the earliest sign of a symptom can help the patient in beating this deadly disease and survive successfully.

The earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances of survival. This is why most doctors advise staying healthy and getting periodical checkups to prevent any issues from being undetected at the outset.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer did not have any proven treatments for a long time and many people succumbed to this deadly disease because of the lack of awareness and early detection. Thankfully, the medical fraternity has come up with advanced cancer research that highlights the need for cancer treatment at the earliest.

Of course, this means that the patient must be aware of the symptoms so that they can be identified
and diagnosed at the earliest. Some of the symptoms of cancer are listed below:

● Unexplained fever
● Unexplained weight loss
● Unexplained lumps and cysts in the body
● Unexplained bleeding from various body parts
● Unexplained fatigue and nausea
● Unexplained hair loss
● Proven lack of immunity toward the smallest infections

Some cancers are more easily identified with more visible symptoms such as mouth cancers that begin with painful mouth sores and wounds that make it impossible to eat. Breast cancer can be identified with a simple physical examination by the patient themselves.

Cancers of the stomach, intestines, and pancreas can make the patient incredibly weak with a lack of appetite, bleeding, and nausea. These are some of the earliest signs which should not be neglected and must be evaluated by specialists at hospitals such as the Ahmedabad Cancer Hospital.

Treatments for cancer include surgeries to remove the cancerous tumors if any. Most cancers can form tumors and cause difficulty in blood circulation to that area. They can either be benign or active and based on which, a specialist may recommend surgical removal of cancer.

Post the surgery, treatments are both medicinal and chemotherapy. Oral medicines in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy help the patient by killing and eliminating the cancerous cells.

White blood cells usually become low in such patients which are supplemented by transfusion. After a few months of treatments, the medicines are more oral and less intravenous, and aftercare is suggested to the patient.

Side effects of Cancer

Cancer treatment is extremely taxing on the body. The use of heavy medications and chemicals makes the body weak and causes many side effects in the body such as:

● Nausea
● Lack of appetite
● Weight Loss
● Paleness of the skin
● Rapid Hair loss
● Lack of luster of skin and nails
● Fatigue

These side effects can make the patient extremely sick and unwell but with plenty of positivity, love, and care, patients must find a will to survive the odds. A good diet with nutrients enhances the body’s ability to keep up with the treatment course.