Stylish eyeglasses are one of the most sought-after accessories, as it adds charm and elegance to the overall appearance of men. Many men don’t possess a massive number of accessories. But sunglasses are one that most of them have.

It’s because they are both functional and fashionable. Today, there’s no shortage
of options for exploring this item in the market. You can find men’s designer
in various styles like classic aviator and geometric sunglasses.

But when searching for a perfect pair, you need to consider many things. Keep
reading to know the top designer sunglasses styles and how to find one for

Top Sunglass Styles for Men

● Aviator sunglasses – A reliable pair of aviator sunglasses will last you for a long time in extreme conditions. They are built to precise specifications and according to the highest standards. Their bayonet temples fit comfortably under headgears. The aviator style of sunglasses is also a favorite of the air force and army pilots for decades. You can find designer eyeglasses online in aviator style with gold-toned rims offering UV protection. They are also highly durable.

● Wayfarer design – This iconic sunglass design has a timeless and simplistic appeal. You can find it built from durable plastic materials and available in various colors like black, transparent, and tortoise. Wayfarer sunglasses are also quite affordable. That’s why it’s a must-have item for many men.

● Polarised sunglasses – Polarized glasses ooze class imparts a sophisticated appeal. At present, the black-colored ones are trending. They feature smart frame shapes and dark-tinted glasses. You can also find polaroid glasses in classy details. This lens also safeguards your vision from the sun’s glare off of the water. If you venture near the water frequently, you should invest in them.

Sunglasses for Different Face Shapes

● Oval face shape – Many frames can suit men with oval faces. You can
buy branded men’s sunglasses in round double-bridged styles, available in many hues. Those with a blue tint give a stylish look while keeping your eyes relaxed. You can pair them up with casual outfits to achieve a polished look.

● Round face – Those with a round face shape should choose a sunglass that creates definition. Look for angular sunglasses that are slightly bigger than the face. Such a frame accentuates this face shape and slims down the cheek. 

● Square face shape – Those who have a square-shaped face have solid
cheekbones and jawlines. You can also try out full-rimmed metal frame men’s designer sunglasses if you want a retro vibe. You can pair such styles with a semi-casual or formal outfit for a classic look. Eyeglasses with round rims are also suitable for this face shape as they balance their facial features. 

● Rectangle face – Rectangular face shape is similar to square one because
both have solid cheekbones and jawlines. But men with rectangular face shapes also have a longer face length. Sunglasses that give width to the long face shape work the best for these men.

Today, you can explore the top brands for sunglasses for men like Cactus, Paul
Redford, and Couture from an online store. You can take advantage of the
various offers, discounts, and sales that are always going on to get your favorite
pair at reasonable prices. Be mindful of your face shape before you decide on a
specific style.