Are you planning to propose to the love of your life? Or is it time to walk down the aisle? In both situations, you’ll need a beautiful wedding ring. But buying the ring isn’t a walk in the park.

You need to focus on the cut, colour, shape, style, and your partner’s preferences. So, you have to prepare yourself before buying the perfect ring for the big day.

This post will talk about the most useful tips to get the engagement ring of your dreams. Read on to find out more!

Choose the Appropriate Shape

As you’ll probably go for a diamond ring for the wedding or engagement, you need to pick the perfect shape. While shopping, you’ll find an array of diamond shapes, including round, oval, pear, marquise, princess cut and emerald cuts.

● Round cuts are the most popular for their classic appearance and versatility 
● Pear has a vintage feel and makes the ring finger look slimmer    
● Oval cuts have a unique and traditional look that’s also very versatile 
● Marquise has a narrow appearance which can make the diamond look larger
Each shape will offer a different look to the ring. So take your time while selecting it.

Decide the Carat Size

You need to have a specific carat size in mind when you go ring shopping. The carat decides the size and weight of the diamond. So, you have to select the carat based on your budget and your partner’s choice.

If you don’t know which to pick, go for a ring between one to two carats. You can also select a size that’s 1.9 carats to save some bucks. Moreover, the ring might look amazing and not feel heavy on the finger.

Tip: While choosing the carat, select the setting that’ll lift the diamond slightly.

Selecting the Right Metal is Crucial

The metal in any ring keeps the diamond in place, protects it and enhances the style. So, you have to select it wisely, keeping your partner’s choices in mind.

If your significant other wants to wear the ring all the time, then go for a white gold, platinum or sterling silver setting. This is because these metals are comfortable for everyday use.

On the contrary, your partner may decide to wear the ring occasionally. In that case, a yellow gold setting can be an excellent option. It also looks very sophisticated. However, if you want to give something trendy, rose gold might impress your partner.

Don’t Forget the Measurement

You might have selected the perfect ring for your partner. But if it doesn’t fit, it will ruin the occasion! To prevent any embarrassment and problems, visit a jewellery store to get the ring properly measured.

For this, you can take a ring from your partner and give it to the jewellers. They will check it and tell you the appropriate measurements for the special ring.

If you want to surprise your partner, then ask other family members or relatives about the ring measurements. Make sure they keep it a secret until the big reveal!

The Bottom Line

Besides checking the measurement, carat and setting, it’s also important to select a trustworthy jeweller. It will guarantee and assure you that the engagement ring is authentic.

If you’re in doubt, ask if the jewellers have certifications from the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA). As you’ll probably buy this ring only once, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Author name: Kiara Mac