Those running a food business must be aware of the necessity of displaying freezers that help preserve the perishable food items in the store and display them for the customers to pick up.
They function as a marketing medium that showcases the brands and products available in the store at the eye level of the customers and stores them at the right temperature till the consumers buy them. Countertop display freezers, ice cream display freezers and other commercial ones are therefore marketing mediums that influence buyers and increase sales rates. Good-quality freezers help businesses ensure that the customers buy the freshest products without disrupting their quality and integrity.

Types of Commercial Display Freezers Available in the Market

Display freezers are available in various forms in the market designed to specifically serve the purposes of storing items that require temperature control. They provide business owners with the option of controlling the temperature to meet the requirements of frozen or chilled items, segregating them and displaying them in compartments and compactly placing them in the store. Contrary to the misconception that all freezers are the same, they come in different varieties. They are good investments as they keep the food fresh in the harsh, arid Australian weather conditions and increase the chances of impulsive buying among customers. Display freezers come in different forms.

Undercounter Display

Undercounter display freezers are flat and have single doors. The doors usually face upwards so that the customers look down through the inventory to find the item they like. They easily fit under work counters. Stores generally use the under-counter display for frozen items like ice creams or chocolate bars that can fit right under the counter, and customers can buy them on their way out. The sizes can range from 610 nm to 690 nm in height and width, with a capacity of about 105 to 170 litres. They generally have single doors. Additionally, many models and finishings are available in online and offline stores.

Upright Display

Upright freezers stand in the corner of a store by a wall and display products like carbonated drinks, dairy products, frozen food items, and more. Depending on their size, they either have single, double or triple opening doors. As they stand tall, they require their own space in the store for placement. Their capacity can go up to 2050 litres.

Countertop Display Freezer

Countertop display freezers are most popularly used in supermarkets to primarily attract customers in the checkout zones while paying their bills. They are mostly placed near store help desks and checkout counters to compel impulse buying among customers for a snack they find enjoyable. They also display the products comfortably within customers’ reach and at eye level to promote buying. Business owners can use these countertop freezers to display promotional products or high-quality products that most customers buy frequently.

Ice cream Freezers

Ice cream is one of the most popular food items among the ones that are stored in a display freezer. The hot sun of Australia makes ice cream the most in-demand food item that stores sell out fast. The demand for ice creams goes higher during festivals, holidays and summer seasons as a favourite dessert. One of the reasons for the demand is that people from any age group can consume it and have come to love it throughout their lives. Ice cream freezers are different from other display freezers as they provide options to cold store the ice cream and keep them frozen for a long time. They prevent the ice creams from melting or losing their integrity.

Author: Kiara Mac