With the rapid growth of industrialization, new inventions that are very helpful to humankind occur each day. When we talk about adhesives and sealants, there are still quite a number of products that have not met our expectations. Among the many adhesive products available is Bondic Glue, which has surprised its users. This liquid plastic adhesive helps you fix just about any item regardless of material.

So, is Bondic really better than glue? Yes. Bondic is extremely adhesive and efficient. However, it will not be an alternative to glue in every situation. Bondic is perfect for holding together plastic, metal, glass, etc. It is heavy-duty, unlike regular glue used for light-duty such as holding papers.

Unlike other types of glues, Bondic glue is a revolutionary product that is undoubtedly durable and holds for long. In this article, we take a closer look at Bondic glue, its features, how to use it, and finally answer a few of your frequently asked questions. Stay with us.

What is Bondic Glue?

Bondic glue is a liquid plastic adhesive used to hold materials together. It is sometimes referred to as a liquid plastic welder. Bondic glue creates a very strong and durable bond that can last for years. It is versatile and often used on materials such as plastic, fiberglass, metal, wood, etc. Bondic glue can also be used as a sealant; to fill the gaps between broken surfaces.

Bondic glue is resistant to both water and heat. It does not lose its bond when exposed to either of the two conditions. For its resilience, you can use it to fix materials exposed to such extreme conditions. Bondic glue comes in a pen-like container or tube that makes it easy to handle and use. It has a small UV light bulb that you can use to reinforce its hardening process.

Is Bondic Really Better Than Glue?

Bondic glue is a robust adhesive alternative to regular glue. While it may not be a suitable substitute for traditional glue in all situations, it is better in many ways. It can hold together most types of materials for a prolonged period. Many Bondic reviews and user testimonies have proved its superiority over other types of glues. It is multipurpose; besides holding materials together, Bondic glue can be used as a sealant as well as an insulator.

Features of Bondic Glue

  1. Heat and Water Resistant – Bondic glue is resistant to heat and water. It makes it suitable for use in extreme environments such as underwater and open places.
    You do not have to worry about its efficiency; once it’s completely dry, it’s heat and water-resistant.
  2. Non-toxic – Bondic does not contain chemicals or harmful substances. It is non- hazardous. It is safe to use. However, please do not put it in your mouth or eyes.
  3. Multifaceted – You can use Bondic Glue to fix almost every surface. Its adhesive nature allows bonding on glass, aluminum, plastics, fiberglass, wood, etc.
  4. Durable – Bondic Glue is extremely strong. Once you fix something, you do not have to worry about breakage. Bondic bonds last long, even in extreme conditions.
  5. Easy to use – Using Bondic Glue is simple; it does not involve any technical skills. To get good results, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the

How to Use Bondic Glue – Step by Step Guide

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to effectively use Bondic glue:
● Step 1: Wipe the surface of the material or object you want to fix. Use a dry rag;
do not use water.
● Step 2: Gently apply Bondic glue on the surface of the material. Ensure that it can be irradiated by the UV light provided.
● Step 3: Join the two materials together, hold them still to maintain proper position.
● Step 4: Use the UV light to harden the Bondic glue as it dries. It should take approximately 10 seconds to harden and dry.

How to Remove Bondic

If you accidentally spill Bondic Glue, don’t worry. Unlike traditional glue, Bondic Glue does not stick on surfaces. This is what you should do:
● Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent it from drying.
● Use a wet rag to wipe the spilled glue.
● If the glue has dried, carefully grind it out using sandpaper until it’s gone.
● If it’s a lot of spilling and difficult to sand, you use a chisel to extract it.

Alternatives to Bondic Glue

Bondic glue is not the only adhesive liquid plastic you can use. There are several others available in the market. Below are a few alternatives to Bondic glue:

  1. 2-Part Epoxy Gorilla Glue
    Gorilla glue is extremely strong and durable; it’s made of a superior solvent and is water-resistant. It is suitable for general home use and automotive repairs.
    Gorilla Epoxy formula can quickly bond aluminum, wood, steel, plastics, glass,
    and tiles. It comes in an easy-to-use unique syringe; that separates the glue from the hardener. This makes it easy to squeeze out and prevents hardening over time. It is recommended to use this glue in a well-ventilated space. Gorilla glue takes 24 hours to cure fully.
  2. Flex Tape
    It is a rubberized adhesive tape that works perfectly on various surfaces such as glass, aluminum, plastics, etc. It comes as a roll measuring 4″ wide and 5ft long. It is waterproof tape and resistant to UV rays. It is suitable for roof leaks, PVC plumbing pipes, air ducts, windows, HVAC systems, cement, etc. Flex Tape’s bond gets stronger over time and pressure.
  1. UV Light Curing Glue
    UV Light Curing Glue is a liquid plastic adhesive glue; usually comes as a welder kit. The kit contains a glue pen, a glue bottle for refill, and a UV light gun for curing. It has similar characteristics to Bondic glue but at a lower price. UV Light Curing glue is compatible with several commonly used materials such as metal, ceramic, fabric, fiberglass, wood, glass, etc. Curing time takes approximately 2 – 5 minutes. It is a safe and non-hazardous formula. It’s also heat resistant and waterproof.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Bondic Glue:
● Is Bondic glue toxic?
Bondic Glue is non-toxic and no-hazardous. It does not contain any harmful
chemicals. Items and objects that get in contact with any food can be fixed using Bondic Glue. However, do not ingest. Keep away from children.

● What is UV glue?
UV glues are strong adhesive glues that use ultraviolet light to harden them.
Bondic Glue is one example of UV glue. These types of glues often come as a kit
and include a battery-powered UV light gun. Once you apply glue on the surface
of the material you want to fix, you radiate it with the UV gun to harden the glue,
thus strengthening the bond.

● Can Bondic be used underwater or dump surfaces?
Yes. Bondic Glue is waterproof; therefore, you can use it to fix objects or surfaces
underwater or in damp areas. Before applying the glue, ensure the surface is dry.
Once the glue has cured fully, it becomes water-resistant.


If you are looking for the best adhesive glue solution, Bondic will work perfectly for you. This unique binding solution will help you fix any broken pieces, seal gaps or insulate cables. It is robust and durable.

Unlike other types of glues, Bondic is user-friendly and requires a few steps to fix. At the end of it all, it leaves a clean finish. If you have read through this article, we hope you understand all about Bondic Glue that makes it better than traditional glue.