Choosing An Ideal Backdrop For Your Wedding

A wedding is a beautiful and magical event, but it can also be stressful to plan. From finding the perfect dress to selecting flowers and food, there seems to be no end of tasks to complete before you say the final word of acceptance. One of the essential elements of any wedding is choosing an ideal event backdrop for your ceremony. This isn’t as simple as picking out a pretty room to get married. Instead, you’ll need an attractive space that complements other decorations perfectly. Here are several tips for confirming that your chosen location is the best.

Consider the weather

When choosing an event backdrop, keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable. If you are intending an outdoor wedding, check the forecast and make sure you have a backup strategy in case of rain or other inclement weather. You can bring a tent to cover up part of your venue or create different areas using props and furniture. If you’re indoors, use props and furniture to create separate areas for different family members, so they aren’t all crammed into one space.

If you are outdoors, consider bringing umbrellas or ponchos if it’s raining outside.

Choose a colour scheme

To begin, think about how you want your wedding colours to set the mood. Does your venue have a particular colour scheme you’d like to match? Is there something special about this location (a waterfall or old chapel) that should be highlighted? Or do you want a more neutral look, so your guests can focus on enjoying themselves instead of being distracted by their surroundings?

Take into consideration what season it is as well.

  • If it’s autumn and all of the trees around you change colours with each passing day, consider using those same colours in your wedding backdrop.
  • If winter is coming and snow has covered most everything outside but still hasn’t made its way indoors—use white!

Remember what time of day will be best for taking pictures under this new backdrop. Noon light can work well if you’re trying not to have an overwhelmingly dark photo. On the other hand, late afternoon sunlight allows shadows which may add depth or dimension depending on their position.

Create a focal point

A focal point is something you choose to draw attention to and make the centre of your photos. It can be an object, like a candle or a flower arrangement on a table, but it doesn’t have to be an object. It could also be a colour or pattern (such as stripes) used throughout your venue. It can also be an archetype. 

  • Use a pillar, column, or archway to create a focal point for your backdrop.
  • Use tall trees or plants as focal points in your wedding pictures.
  • Mirrors can also serve as exciting backgrounds for photos if used correctly.

Whatever choice you make, keep in mind that it should match the theme of your wedding and complement whatever else is going on around it.

Focal points can be used in two ways:

  • They can create space— Think of them as frames around images.
  • They can also create drama by drawing attention to someone or something at their center.

Use lighting to transform your space

The best way to remake a space is through lighting. Lighting can make or break an event, as it’s often the most critical aspect of any setting.


As you can see, there are many aspects to consider when choosing the backdrop for your wedding. 

Author: Kiara Mac